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Beautiful Interior Design: It’s All About You!

Do you need help with an interior design project?

Do you have a room that is in desperate need of a makeover? Are you planning to remodel your kitchen or bath? Would you like an interior designer to assist in choosing colors, furniture and furnishings, flooring, window treatments, or lighting? Please give us a call for a free interior design consultation, (720) 921-7931.

Whether you have a small interior design project or a big one, we’d love to work with you! From re-upholstering a single chair to redesigning an entire house, we take on all types of interior design projects in the Denver metro area and foothills.

Sometimes, people are reluctant to work with an interior designer, fearing that the designer might be too expensive or “take over” in a negative way. At Production & Design, Inc, our interior design services are affordable, and we will meet you wherever you are at in the design process. Whether you love interior design or don’t have any interest in it or time to devote to it, we will accommodate your needs.

We typically start any interior design project by asking a lot of questions. We’ll find out what you like, what you don’t like, what type of look or feel you want, how you live in different areas of your home, whether you prefer light or dark spaces, and much more.

Throughout the design project, we will make sure that these honest lines of communication remain open, updating you at every stage, checking in to make sure that we are honoring and respecting your vision.

We will work within your budget and your timeframe, creating beautiful, functional spaces that you will love for years to come!

We’re happy to offer a free interior design consultation, so that you can get to know us and what we offer. We’ll come to your home, discuss your project, give you ideas, and talk about how we might work together.

For more information about our interior design services, or to schedule your free consultation, please call (720) 921-7931, or contact us here.

Fast Facts About Interior Design And Our Services

Below are interesting facts about interior design and interior designers:

Interior Design Can Be Affordable: Many people are afraid that interior designers are too expensive. But we are pleased to offer affordable interior design services, and we can typically save you money on projects by getting trade discounts.

The Psychology Of Color In Interior Design: Color plays a key role in interior design. We can use it to make a room look dramatic, cheerful, serene…even bigger or smaller. The main colors in a room come from paint colors and flooring colors, but the color of furniture, furnishings, artwork, and window treatments can also help set the tone. As one of our interior design services, we offer color consultations and can provide an interior design color scheme for you.

Interior Decorators Vs Interior Designers: There are no requirements to become an interior decorator. To become an interior designer, an accredited education is required.

Foundations Of Interior Design: Interior design combines color, balance, space, texture, focal points, light, patterns, lines, and forms to create beauty and function.

International Interior Design Association: Linda Sue Shirkey, owner of Production & Design, Inc, is a member of the IIDA, an international organization for interior designers.

Interior Design Is More Than Just Décor: The art of interior design extends far beyond décor to include the use of space, materials, and finishes.

Green Is In: If you’ve noticed more accessories, clothes, and home furnishings in green, it’s not your imagination. The Panatone color of the year for 2017 is a bright apple green, color #15-0343.

Doing Interior Design On Your Own: While you might have the time, skills, and interest to do interior design projects on your own, we are delighted to tap into our experience and provide another perspective.

The Cost Of Items: Sometimes, the best elements in interior design are the least expensive ones. They might be family keepsakes or thrift store finds.

Interior Design Budget And Time: As professional interior designers, one of our main objectives is to help bring your design project in on budget and on time. We do this by anticipating “scope creep,” working closely with your general contractor and/or tradespeople, purchasing items for you at a discount, and making cost-saving suggestions along the way.

We’ll Work With You: Some people have the notion that interior designers make all of the decisions. We, however, view our roles as collaborators. We’ll help set a plan and narrow down your choices, but ultimately, the final say is up to you. It’s your home, your lifestyle, and your expression!

Trendy Or Not: Good interior design doesn’t have to be trendy. Most of the design projects that we work on are meant to seem “timeless.” We’re up on the latest interior design trends and can tell you what’s popular and what’s not, but most people don’t have the time, energy, desire, or money to change their design with every passing fad.

Paint Color Of 2020: Benjamin Moore, one of the top manufacturers of interior paint has named “First Light” as the paint color of 2020. The color is a soft rosy hue.