About Interior Design Process

Our Interior Design Process

When it comes to interior design, our process is extremely collaborative.

We want to know what beauty means to you, so that we can help bring it into your environment.

Your space should be an expression of who you are, and we will use design, form, color, and function to make that happen.

We typically start the design process by asking lots of questions so that we can get to know you, what you like and do not like, how you live in your home, how you want to feel when you get home from work, and much more.

If you have photos of things you like, or a painting or piece of artwork that resonates with you, we would love to see them. That will help us pull together products for you. After a few meetings, we generally have a good idea of your tastes, and can hone in on the things you will like.

Depending on the type of project and your preferences, we can either go shopping together, or we can bring items to your home and you can choose.

We’re careful to always work within your budget, only showing you things you can afford.

Whether you have a small interior design project or a large remodel, we’ll be there with you through the entire process.

With remodeling and renovation projects, we have several crews we can employ, or we are happy to work with your contractor. If you decide to use one of our contractors, we can manage the job for you. We’ll check on the job almost every day, depending on the work that is being completed that day.

For more information about our interior design process, or to schedule a free interior design consultation, please call (720) 921-7931, or e-mail us here.

Please note: We have more than 30 years experience in interior design. We work on most sizes and types of interior design projects, from a simple upholstery job to an entire home remodel.

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Our Interior Design Process