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Denver Design District

The Denver Design District, (also referred to as the Design Center), is one of the greatest treasures we have in the Denver metro area.

Located near I-25 and Broadway, in central Denver, the Denver Design District features products from more than 1,200 manufacturers, spread across 37 showrooms and 300,000 square feet of space.

Here is some of what is available at the design center:

Not all of the showrooms in the Denver Design District allow access to the public – only to interior designers and other industry professionals. But we will be happy to take you there, where you can find some of the best products available in Denver.

In addition to our access to the Denver Design District, we also have great relationships with other manufacturers and store owners who offer us discounted pricing for our clients.

And if you have a home remodeling or renovation project, well, we have several crews of trusted tradespeople we can hire and supervise.

For more information about the Denver Design District, or to schedule a free interior design consultation, please call (720) 921-7931, or e-mail us here.

Please note: With more than 30 years experience in residential interior design, we’re happy to work on most sizes and types of project, anywhere in the Denver metro area or foothills.

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