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Aging In Place – Handicap Accessibility Adaptations

More people than ever before are considering “aging in place” options for their home, and why not! Most of us want to live in our own homes for as long as possible, as comfortably as possible.

By making simple handicap accessible adaptations, life can become easier and safer. These adaptations do not have to be clunky or ugly – we pride ourselves on coming up with beautiful, elegant solutions.

We can offer aging in place solutions throughout the home, from lighting to flooring, furniture placement to special cabinetry.

Some of the most common aging in place interior design solutions for kitchen remodels include:

  • better lighting (including task lighting)
  • side by side refrigerators / freezers
  • appliances with easy-to-read controls
  • cabinets with roll out trays and lazy susans
  • sinks that are lower and/or more shallow
  • cabinet and drawer handles that are easy to grip
  • wider doorways (to accommodate wheelchairs)
  • pull-out pantry shelves
  • microwaves at or below the height of the counter
  • clearance space of at least 36 inches throughout the kitchen (to accommodate wheelchairs)

Some of the most common aging in place interior design solutions for bathroom remodels include:

  • wheelchair accessible showers
  • grip bars in showers and next to toilets
  • handicap accessible toilets
  • counters without cabinets below them (so wheelchairs can fit below them)
  • walk-in bathtubs
  • seats in showers
  • wider doorways (to accommodate wheelchairs)
  • better lighting
  • spray faucets in showers

As Certified Aging In Place Specialists, we can offer interior design consultation, or we can coordinate the entire remodeling project for you.

Perhaps you want to buy a new home and make sure that it’ll serve you well as you age, or maybe you have more immediate needs in the home you’re in now. Whatever your circumstances, we’d love to talk to you about the possibilities for adding innovative aging in place features.

For more information about our aging in place interior design services, or to schedule a free interior design consultation, please call (720) 921-7931, or e-mail us here.

Click here to see photos of a beautiful handicap accessible bathroom remodel that we completed for a home in Castle Pines.

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