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Lighting: Illuminating And Inspiring

With interior lighting, you can make a room warm or cold, cozy or stark. 

Where lights are placed, how much light they provide, and what they look like – all of these decisions factor into well-planned interior design.

And lighting is personal – very personal. Some people never want to turn on an overhead light, while others rely heavily on ceiling lights, chandeliers, and recessed lighting. Some love track lighting, while others prefer an antique desk lamp. Some view lamps as “art,” while others simply want something that gives off enough light for reading or sewing.

To help you make the best choices in lighting for each room, we’ll ask a lot of questions about what styles you like, what activities you do in the room, whether you need “task” lighting (for reading, for example), if you’d like accent lighting for artwork or furnishings, and whether you want the lighting fixtures and lamps to stand out or blend in with your other décor.

We will then make lighting recommendations based on functionality and illumination, the size of the room, the colors in the room, furniture selection and placement, and the amount of natural light.

As interior designers, we have access to wholesale pricing on both lighting fixtures and all types of lighting. We can help you choose the lighting for any room of your home, including: kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living room, great room, and office.

Below are the primary types of interior lighting for homes:

  • ceiling lights and fixtures
  • recessed lighting
  • accent lighting
  • track lighting
  • under-cabinet lighting
  • chandeliers
  • wall lighting
  • floor lamps
  • table lamps
  • pendant lighting
  • energy efficient lighting

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Please note: We offer a range of interior design services and can help you select and buy just about anything for your home, including: furniture and furnishings, window coverings and treatments, and flooring.

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