Contemporary Interior Design Style

Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary interior design, by its very nature, is always changing. Often confused with “modern interior design,” contemporary, literally, refers to whatever is in style today.

Because of this, a contemporary interior design style often feels eclectic, incorporating elements of many design styles, across a number of periods. Contemporary interior design, at times, might even seem faddish or trendy, because it’s a collection of whatever is being designed, manufactured, and sold right now.

In ten years, what will the contemporary design you incorporated today look like? It is prone to looking “dated,” more so than any other style of interior design, because something else will always become more “contemporary,” as new materials and pieces are introduced.

Features of today’s contemporary interior design include:

  • large windows
  • simple, not ornate
  • sleek, clean, straight lines
  • basic shapes and forms
  • natural finishes, such as wood and stone
  • environmentally-friendly materials
  • concrete floors
  • low, simple sofas
  • storage built into furniture
  • no ruffles or excess fabrics
  • color blocking (contrasting blocks of solid, bright colors)
  • chrome and nickel finishes
  • monochromatic color schemes
  • black accents
  • light layering (more than minimalist, but less than traditional or Victorian)
  • shades of similar hues
  • geometric patterns

If you like contemporary interior design, you might also like elements from modern design, mid-century modern design, and eclectic design.

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