Eclectic Interior Design

Eclectic Interior Design

Eclectic interior design is exactly what it sounds like, “eclectic.” This style of interior design brings in different colors, shapes, textures, and finishes, and, ideally, ties them all together.

The eclectic design style tends to pull from a number of other design styles, and from different design periods. When it is done well, eclectic interior can design can be incredible – a beautiful way to showcase individual personality and tastes. When it’s done poorly, however, it can seem chaotic, busy, jarring, distracting, and even cluttered.

There are no constraints, when it comes to eclectic design. In any given room, however, something needs to tie the disparate elements together – it could be a splash of color, a texture, or a pattern. There should always be a focal point in the room. And eclectic interior design tends to work best when its carried throughout an entire home, with each room complementing the next.

Some people like an eclectic interior design style, because, seemingly it gives them free rein. Others feel a bit intimidated by it and want confirmation that their choices will work well together.

Features of eclectic interior design include:

  • variety of fabrics
  • variety of colors
  • variety of styles
  • variety of finishes
  • unexpected contrasts
  • cohesive look despite the mix of styles and contrasting elements

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