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Industrial Interior Design

The industrial interior design style has taken hold in some of Denver’s hottest neighborhoods, including downtown, LoDo, RiNo, and the Highlands.

This type of interior design style works particularly well in historic lofts, because its roots can be traced back to the old factories and industrial spaces that inspired it. Interestingly, though, industrial interior design also looks good in many of today’s brand-new houses, lofts, townhomes, and condos.

Initially born out of necessity – a need to save money when converting old commercial and industrial spaces into new residential living spaces – industrial interior design has become popular in its own right.

And for good reason! Industrial interior design combines mechanicals, engineering, and the “bones” of a building to create an artistic space.

In industrial interior design, structural elements become focal points in the room. Ordinary objects serve utilitarian purposes. And, when done right, the unfinished look of industrial design becomes stunning and cohesive.

Features of industrial interior design include:

  • neutral tones
  • wood surfaces
  • metal surfaces (stainless steel, copper, zinc, tin, iron)
  • distressed hardwood floors
  • exposed brick
  • rough hewn timbers
  • raw, unfinished looks
  • exposed ductwork, pipes, and electrical conduits
  • vintage furniture
  • metal light fixtures
  • furniture and furnishings from Restoration Hardware
  • high ceilings
  • concrete
  • few or no window coverings
  • no fabrics
  • minimalist look
  • steel girders
  • commercial-style kitchens
  • vintage accessories
  • powder coated steel or metal furniture
  • sleek lines
  • open spaces
  • track lighting and/or suspended lighting
  • garage doors as interior doors and/or room separators
  • partial walls that don’t reach the ceiling
  • more masculine style

The industrial interior design style does not tend to mesh well with other design styles. In general, it works better if you commit to it wholeheartedly, and bring in small touches or flourishes from other styles.

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