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Minimalist Interior Design

The minimalist interior design style often appeals to people who like order and organization, along with clean, open spaces. No clutter, not anywhere!

Everything in minimalist design is pared down, and less becomes more. No trims, embellishments, lavish fabrics, accoutrements, or excess. Just clean, sparse, simple design – that can be exceptionally beautiful.

In minimalist interior design, the gift lies as much in what to leave out as in what to include and involves a careful curation process. People often think of minimalist spaces as cold, but, when done properly, they can be warm and inviting.

With minimalist design, there’s often a single item in the room that becomes the focal point – and this might be a textured wall, an area rug, a light fixture, or an end table. Minimalist interior design often includes a bold pop of color, which will stand out against the neutral, often monochromatic features in the room. This color can come from anything, a piece of furniture, a lamp, artwork, a bowl, or pillows.

The spaciousness of minimalism allows for chosen items to be highlighted, whereas in a space designed differently, they might blend in or get lost.

Features of minimalist interior design include:

  • spacious room layouts
  • neutral colors (especially white and black)
  • simple, often geometric forms (squares, rectangles, circles)
  • very little furniture, furnishings, decorations, or accessories
  • clean, sharp lines
  • streamlined
  • low furniture
  • lightness
  • minimal window coverings
  • hard surfaces (such as wood, stone, glass, and metal)
  • more masculine style

Minimalist interior design principles can easily be combined with contemporary design, modern design, mid-century modern design, and industrial design.

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