Transitional Interior Design

Transitional Interior Design

Transitional interior design is often a blend of traditional and contemporary styles – furniture and furnishings you might have inherited from your parents and grandparents, next to items you purchased today.

This interior design style is sometimes referred to as “updated classic,” and it’s one of the most popular styles today. People like transitional interior design because they love the flexibility and compromise. Not too modern, not too ornate. Not too eclectic, not too formal. Not too stark, not too decorated. Just right!

When transitional interior design is done well, even though two seemingly conflicting design styles might be combined in the same room, they still connect for a cohesive look.

  • Features of transitional interior design include:
  • warm, neutral colors (beige, tan, taupe, khaki, gray, cream)
  • understated patterns
  • minimal accents
  • blend of contemporary and traditional design
  • not many “pops” of bright colors
  • clean lines in furniture
  • simple window coverings (drapery panels, blinds, Roman shades)
  • neutral flooring (in woods, tile, stone, or carpeting)
  • can be a masculine or feminine style
  • the type of décor you might buy at Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel

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