Victorian Interior Design

Victorian Interior Design

The hallmarks of Victorian interior design include rich colors, detailed patterns, and opulence.

Victorian design derives its name from the reign of Queen Victoria, who ruled England from 1837 until 1901. One of the defining characteristics of Victorian interior design seems to be excess. Whereas a minimalist might hang a single photo on a large wall, someone who loves Victorian design will hang thirty photos on a small wall.

Some people consider Victorian designed rooms to be cluttered and stuffy, but done well, they can be warm and inviting spaces…a cozy place to read a book, drink tea, and enjoy the fireplace…a calm oasis that provides a respite from the outside world.

Features of Victorian interior design include:

  • tertiary colors (equal blends of primary and secondary colors)
  • excess
  • elaborate fabrics, with trims and embellishments
  • intricately woven area rugs
  • dark colors, with deep tones
  • layered window treatments (drapes, valances, swags, cornices, and more)
  • wall coverings
  • patterns (flora, fauna, stripes, and damasks)
  • antique furniture, often with delicate designs and elaborate carvings
  • ornate decorations
  • intricate light fixtures and lamps
  • more feminine style

Victorian interior design can complement elements of traditional (classic) interior design.

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