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Top 10 Reasons To Hire An Interior Designer

If you are considering renovating, remodeling, or redecorating a room in your home – or your entire house – you could always do it yourself. But why go it alone, when there are so many great reasons to hire an interior designer?

In our opinion (and admittedly, we are biased), below are the top 10 reasons to hire an interior designer.

Reason #1: You Don’t Have An Interest In Or Knack For Interior Design
One of the best reasons to hire an interior designer is because you lack the interest in or knack for interior design. You might know what you want, but do not know how to get there. Or, you might not even know what you want, and you need someone to steer you through the process and help you identify and articulate your likes and dislikes.

Reason #2: You Need A Second Set Of Eyes For Your Interior Design Choices
Even if you have an interest in interior design and a talent for it, you still might want a professional to confirm your decisions and/or present alternatives. We are happy to collaborate with you, at whatever level you prefer, with the end goal to create beautiful spaces that you will enjoy for years to come.

Reason #3: You Don’t Have Time To Devote To Interior Design
Interior design takes time, particularly when it comes to researching the best prices and selections in flooringfurniture and furnishings, lighting, window treatments,  and more. As interior designers who have worked on all types of home projects in the Denver metro area, we can quickly do research, narrowing down your options, saving you time and aggravation.

Reason #4: You Want Access To Discounted Prices
As professional interior designers, we have access to discounted prices, from Denver-area wholesalers, showrooms and retailers, as well as some national companies.

Reason #5: You Want Access To Qualified Tradespeople
Denver’s housing and construction markets are booming, which makes it more difficult to find tradespeople who are willing to work on one-off projects (particularly small projects) for a reasonable price. Fortunately, we’ve been providing interior design services since 1986, and we have longstanding relationships with all types of contractors.

Reason #6: You Want Someone To Manage Your Project
Effective project management takes time, expertise, patience, and good communication. If you are not interested in supervising your next renovation, remodel, or redecoration project, we can do it for you!

Reason #7: You Want To Eliminate Headaches
A typical interior design project can involve dozens (or even hundreds) of different aspects. From initial planning to installation, there are people to contact, decisions to make, timelines to try to keep. As experienced interior designers, we can help anticipate and eliminate the headaches from your next design project.

Reason #8: You Want To Avoid Costly Mistakes
There is nothing worse than making a decision, only to realize, after the fact, that you’ve made a mistake. And correcting mistakes – repainting walls, sending back furniture, reordering window treatments to properly fit a space – can quickly become expensive and time-consuming. Once the mistake is apparent, you have two choices: live with it as is or correct it. Neither of these is a great option, and both could be avoided with the help of an interior designer.

Reason #9: You Want To Complete Your Project On Time And On Budget
If you want your project to get completed on time and on budget, hire an interior designer. We can help set a realistic timeline for your project, keep a rein on “scope creep,” make cost-saving suggestions along the way, supervise tradespeople, and generally make sure that everything keeps moving forward.

Reason #10: You Want Your Space Professionally Designed
There is something to be said for the “wow” factor, and we try to bring this to every interior design project we work on – without letting the “wow” become over-the-top or overwhelming. Sometimes, the “wow” comes from a single item or color choice; other times, it is the sum total of all of the choices in a room or a home. In any case, as professional interior designers, we use our education, experience, and natural talent to create beautiful, impressive spaces.

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